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The iSportConnect Sports Tech Index (powered by SportsTech Match) was launched in March 2023. It helps rights owners and investors quickly assess who is “hot” from a product and new business perspective and provides sports tech companies with an incentive to focus their PR announcements on what matters. Those companies performing best from a customer satisfaction perspective will be awarded the most points.

How Points Are Allocated:

Vendors are awarded points based on the official announcements they (or their customers) make in the following 4 areas:

New Product / Feature — 10 Points Per New Product / Feature

  • The product or feature has to be considered as new / significant and have a use case in sport. Maintenance, updated versions and bug fixes will not generate points.
  • A new / significant product or feature resulting from a company acquisition or product integration between two vendors, will be awarded points.

New Business Wins — 50 Points Per Win

  • New business wins must relate to the delivery of a sports use case to the customer and will be allocated points when the deal is announced.

Customer Renewals — 100 Points Per Renewal

  • Customer renewals include any renewal of a contract by a customer (or an increase in the scope of services delivered to the customer).

Customer Ratings — 75 Points Per 4 Star Rating & 100 Points Per 5 Star Rating

  • SportsTech Match has introduced a 5 point rating system open to all sports tech vendors (where 1 = Very Dissatisfied and 5 = Very Satisfied). Points will be allocated for a rating of 4 or 5 out of 5.
  • Any subsequent ratings of a product by the same customer within 12 months will not generate points towards the Index.


The points assigned to a company’s activity depreciate in value every quarter by 25% until, after 12 months, the activity no longer registers any points towards the Index.

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